Gritter Tracking

Dumfries and Galloway Gritter Tracking provides details of current winter service vehicles operating in Dumfries and Galloway local authority area.

As vehicles travel, their location updates on the map - this is based on most up-to-date location provided and shows the last 12 hours of vehicle movements.

Please note that this Gritter Tracking Map only gives the last recorded position and route of the gritters and snow ploughs. It does not give any indication or guarantee of the current condition of the road network.

Road conditions can deteriorate quickly in severe weather, even when they have been gritted or ploughed. Drivers are advised to always drive in accordance with the prevailing road and weather conditions and if possible, to avoid any unnecessary journeys during periods of bad weather.

Grit bin icon Grit bins are viewable at neighbourhood scale - zoom into the map or select an area from the drop down list
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Gritting History

Gritter icon Melt bar
Gritter icons represent the most recent active location with a diminishing blue line indicating history over time